Industry Safety and Health Law Suggests 8 health Check-Up Items to be Examined

n       However, an employee is not obliged to take the check-up at the hospital/clinic which the company provides if he/she is able to provide a medical report which is equivalent to the report which a company designated hospital/clinic would provide at their own expense.



n       Factors that company doctor need to know are;


1.         Past history

2.         Any symptoms

3.         Height & body weight, hearing, eyesight, waist

4.         Chest X-ray

5.         Blood pressure

6.         Laboratory examination; RBC, Hb, GOT, GPT, γGTP, T chol (LDL chol), HDL chol, TG, Blood sugar

7.         Urine examination; urinary sugar, urinary protein

8.         ECG


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