Metabolic Syndrome conditions are;

Metabolic Syndrome conditions are;


n 1. Waist measurement (diameter) is greater than or equal to 85cm for male, 90 cm for females


n 2. Triglyceride reading of over 150mg/dl and, or HDL Cholesterol reading of under 40mg/dl


n 3. Systolic BP of over 130mmHg and, or Diastolic reading of over 85mmHg


n 4. Blood Glucose level of over 110mg/dl (empty stomach)



n       1+two of2,3,4)⇒Metabolic Syndrome

n       1+one of 2,3,4)⇒High chance of Metabolic syndrome














n       Motivation support:

n       waist90 female, smoking – & hyperlipidemia

n       BMI25, smoking – & one or two risks


n       Active support:

n       waist85 male & Diabetes & Hypertension

n        BMI25, smoking + & one risk



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